About my art...

According to my parents, I was born with a pencil in my hand. It was, and still remains my pacifier! In my twenties, I worked as an architectural and mechanical draftsman only later concentrating in the art of painting. For many years, I worked as an illustrator and graphic designer; first as a main designer for an art studio, creating artwork for the babies and toddler industries and later as a freelancer for advertisement companies. The pencil, airbrush and the brush are the main tools that allow me to express my joy, pain and a whole spectrum of emotions in colors and shapes. I work mainly with acrylic paints on illustration board. My technique varies according to the needs to accomplish the painting I'm working on and goes from very elaborate and technical airbrush work, to the traditional brush work.

Finally, my paintings are just an attempt to relate emotions and thoughts I can't express, phrases I can't complete and words I can't utter.  


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